Who am I?


My name is Destin. I live in Hamlin, NY with my beautiful wife Caitlin and our Dog Colden. Our lives revolve around planning our next adventure, whether its a day trip chasing waterfalls in the finger lakes, a weekend in the ADK climbing high peaks, or a doors off helicopter ride above a volcano in Maui.

Our passion for adventure is what brought us together, and it's what keeps the fire in our marriage alive through the chaos of life. My love for documenting couples in incredible places actually began with self portraits of us, including photographing my own proposal.

I'm passionate about meeting like-minded couples and using my photography skills to help them showcase their love in the context of an adventure. I believe that the best backdrops for photography exist in nature, and I'm willing to go places and do things that other photographers won't in order to find them.

Destin with his wife Caitlin and their Bernese Mountain Dog, Colden.
A panoramic landscape/portrait image where a couple stands atop a cliff within a vast autumn mountain wilderness


My philosophy as an adventure wedding/elopement photographer centers around capturing authentic moments and telling unique love stories in breathtaking landscapes. I believe that love itself is an adventure, and your photos should reflect that spirit. I am deeply passionate about documenting love in the great outdoors, where nature's grandeur serves as the perfect backdrop for the raw emotions and intimate connections shared between couples. I strive to create images that not only showcase the beauty of the surroundings but also encapsulate the depth of your love and the essence of your journey together.

Whether you're planning a mountaintop elopement, just want some unique photos with your partner, or you're having a traditional wedding and want an adventure session in your wedding attire on a different date, I'd love to chat with you about the ways I can bring your vision to life!

Yes, I photographed my own proposal.

The most important thing to Caitlin for our proposal was that it be just the two of us with no-one else around. This meant that my original plan of bringing a friend along to photograph the big question wasn't an option. I could have given up but it was important to me to have a great photo of our special moment, so I went to work planning not only the proposal, but also a method to photograph it myself.

With lots of courage, a tripod and a little creativity I'm happy to report that I got the girl, and the shot. There was no-one else around, and it was absolutely perfect. This photo now hangs in our living room and means the world to us.

Destin proposes to Caitlin in front of Taughannock Falls